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Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality is very important to us!!!

The patient - clinician relationship is crucial for a succesful treatment, and we pay special attention that you feel safe and comfortable when working with us. We also make sure to follow HIPPA guidance and protect your information as required by law, which can not be released without your written permission.


However there are certain exceptions when we are required by the state and federal laws to inform the responsible authorities.

Some exceptions include:

-child neglect or abuse (physical or sexual)

-adult or domestic abuse (physical or sexual)

-threat to others: if client is threatening to harm other person/s we are required by the law to inform police and intended victim

-threat to self: if client is endorsing serious harm to himself or herself, we need to make sure that client remains safe and we require a full cooperation, if client does not contract for safety or cooperation can not be achieved, we can utilize further measures without client permission that are provided to me by state law to ensure client's safety.